Tue, 08 May 2018
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Data Processing Support Engineer

We are looking for a Data Processing Support Engineer to work at EUMETSAT (Darmstadt, Germany).

The Contractor shall provide engineering consultancy to design and system engineering/reengineering activities, fully system lifecycle, in the area of the Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Multi Mission Element framework, which consists in a system of offline Ground Segment elements, specifically for the Long Trend Analysis, Quality Monitoring and Reporting aimed to support the operational activities of existing and future programmes. Candidate areas are programmes such as EPS, MSG, MTG, EPS-SG, Jason-CS, and Sentinel 3.

The Contractor's tasks will include a range of tasks, from the support of the day to day operation and maintenance, the analysis, design, development and testing of the facilities which also includes the handling of anomalies, upgrades and configuration changes for these facilities. The Contractor will be the focal point when it comes to integrating each individual Facility into a system context, covering all aspects from early SW development, definition of interfaces, system integration and testing, and end to end testing of the production system. Tasks will also contain the setting-up and implementation of maintenance policies and
procedures as well as the co-ordination with external providers of maintenance services.

The Contractor is also expected to be involved in further development of product quality monitoring and calibration and validation activities in Operations and in future EUMETSAT projects. Contribution is expected principally in the development and implementation of the instrument and product monitoring and reporting function to provide EUMETSAT wide solutions in particular in the context of offline Quality Control applications used to support operational activities.

The tasks of the Contractor will be carried out mainly at EUMETSAT facilities in Darmstadt,
as required, but travel within Europe may also be required for certain activities. Typically tasks will include:

  • Contribute to the definition, design, implementation and maintenance of architectures for data processing ground segments and their components - with special emphasis on product quality control, calibration and validation, production monitoring and reporting.
  • This task will mainly include:
  • Maintenance and evolutions of applications system in the area of the Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Multi Mission Element framework and in all its components;
  • Configuration Management, building and distribution of applications software releases and patches;
  • Contribution to applications software system design andre-engineering in the area of the Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Multi Mission Element framework;
  • Support the operations of existing data processing ground segments and their maintenance and evolution.
  • This will also include:
  • Upgrade software, including implementing and maintaining new algorithms for product quality control and
    calibration/validation activities.
  • Perform routine tasks in operational systems under configuration control such as:
  • Contribute to the Configuration Management process and the building and distribution of software releases and patches;
  • Contribute to the development, integration and configuration management of software developed by third parties, its installation, and configuration and testing;
  • Anomaly investigations, documentation and classification.
  • Follow up of the delivery ofS/W resolutions for these anomalies;
  • Perform standard S/W engineering activities such as:
  • S/W testing in a structured approach to verify that delivered S/W is fulfilling the requirements or to demonstrate that problems have been corrected;
  • S/W integration and verification in the EUMETSA T ground segments;
  • Setting-up and implementation of maintenance policies and procedures,
  • Contribute to the procurement and installation of software, and the co-ordination with external providers of support services;
  • Participation in meetings and formal reviews.

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