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Xibis Ltd, Oadby, Leicester

Xibis Limited is a provider of web and mobile application development services. Xibis is a small, innovative software-application development company operating in a wide variety of industry sectors, including retail. It has a reputation for delivering secure, high-quality web and mobile applications to a number of household names, including Interflora. Xibis has developed long-term relationships with its customers that have proven to generate a solid stream of repeat revenues.

Xibis will be a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary run by its existing management team with two SCISYS PLC directors, Klaus Heidrich and Steve Brignall, on the Xibis board. The management team is excited about the potential ahead and, while Xibis will operate as a separate division, there will be great benefits from interaction between them and the SCISYS divisions – particularly with sales.

For more information about Xibis Ltd, please go to www.xibis.com.

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