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Wed, 16 Oct 2013
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SCISYS contribution to Mars rover trial recognised

SCISYS robotics and Autonomy staff have been working on the SAFER dual site trial (see previous news item). The trial involved a prototype Mars lander located in the Mars Analogue terrain of the Atacama desert being controlled from a Remote Control Centre (RCC) in Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK.  

SCISYS staff contributed to the trial in both locations, their contribution and the software featured in the media coverage for the trail in The TelegraphBBC OnlineThe Guardian and The Times (Subscription required), as well as in the ESA news item on the trial.

As well as supplying the autonomous navigation software for the rover, SCISYS provided the planning and results analysis software that directed the Rover's activities at the RCC. The instrument scientists only had view of the data returned from the rover to decide on the best targets for observation. Jorge Vago from ESA is seen in the picture discussing site exploration strategies at the RCC during operations. (Image: Iain Wallace, SCISYS). Click on the image to See our SAFER Resources page for more images and video.

Professor Dave Barnes, head of the PanCam instrument team from Aberystwyth, commented to the SCISYS team lead: "Many congratulations to you and the SCISYS team in Chile and at the RCC. I can't imagine how the SAFER field trial would have operated without the SCISYS team."

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See our SAFER Resources page for more images and video.