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Wed, 06 Nov 2013
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SCISYS driving the hand of future robotic exploration

The generic arm modelling software from SCISYS

As part of the UK Space Agency´s CREST-2 programme SCISYS has been awarded a contract to provide the control software for a Lightweight Advanced Robotic Arm Demonstrator for planetary applications. A consortium including Astrium Ltd, Aberystwyth University, TiSiCs Ltd and RAL space will design, build and validate a 2m long robotic arm trying to minimise mass, power and processing.

This contract further establishes SCISYS as a major player in the use of robotics in European space, with considerable spin-off opportunities into terrestrial markets. 

The SCISYS Autonomy and Robotics team will be providing control software to analyse the arm’s environment and generate safe paths to move the arm with its end effector without collision to a desired location. Along with this control software the SCISYS’ Interact and Overseer frameworks will be used to provide users the ability to simulate the manoeuvres before actual execution, which will also allow operational scenarios to be validated.

This interactive and immersive experience allows SCISYS to give the operators a greater understanding of the system. It provides environmental, platform and operations information and control in a single integrated software system. This contract uses the same SCISYS software hat was recently used as part of the operations control centre for the ESA SAFER project which demonstrated rover operations as expected in ExoMars, the upcoming Martian rover mission.

About Collaborative Research in Exploration Systems and Technology (CREST-2)
A second round of the Collaborative Research in Exploration Systems and Technology (CREST) award scheme was announced in March 2013 as part of the UK Space Agency’s Exploration programme. The funding mechanism supports preliminary technology development in order to position UK space industry and academia for involvement in future space missions, as well as fostering partnerships between industry and academia.

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