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Wed, 25 Jun 2014
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Merger successfully completed: SCISYS integrates MakaluMedia into the SPACE Division.

The planned merger of our subsidiary MakaluMedia Internet and Services GmbH into SCISYS Deutschland GmbH has been successfully completed. All assets and liabilities as well as all contractual relationships are transferred to SCISYS Deutschland GmbH.

With the purchase of MakaluMedia in October 2012 and the move of our SCISYS and MakaluMedia teams in Darmstadt into new joint offices in September 2013, we constantly laid the foundation for the forthcoming merger. It successfully concludes the planned integration of MakaluMedia into the Space Division of the SCISYS Group.

The operational business of MakaluMedia will be continued unchanged under supervision of SCISYS Deutschland GmbH. All client contracts will be continued at the good service level as they are at the current time. We are convinced that clients and partners will benefit from the broader portfolio of capabilities and resources within the SCISYS Space Division.

Following the integration planning, all Makalu employees will seamlessly be transferred into the respective SCISYS organisation units. Dr. Arndt Hinüber will continue to lead the Engineering Services Business from Darmstadt, Ulli Leibnitz heads the overall Space Business in Germany and continues to lead the Project Business from Bochum. Dr. Horst Wulf is managing director SPACE for SCISYS Deutschland GmbH and in his role as Divisional Director SPACE continues to lead the overall Space Business of the SCISYS group.

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