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SCISYS Media Solutions: Radio production and playout suite dira! is onair at two more radio stations of SABC

Dortmund, March 2019 - As part of the dira! major project at South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), two more radio stations were completed with our dira! product suite for radio production and playout at the end of last month.

On Wednesday, February 20, the radio station GoodHope FM was the first radio station in Cape Town to go live with dira! on air punctually at nine o'clock local time.

One week later, on 27 February, at 12:05 local time followed Radio2000, the fifth radio station of SABC which is now equipped with the dira! system.

Project Manager Michael Walla says:

"Everything went according to plan. In spite of the customer's excitement, the good prepatory work done by all those involved made it possible to get the broadcast off to a great start. The management on site and the entire dira! team were very pleased with the successful start of the broadcast. After a very short time, the new software has become second nature to every single employee".

In planning are still 14 further radio stations of 19 altogether.


About SABC

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is the state broadcaster in South Africa and provides 19 radio stations (AM/FM) as well as five television broadcasts to the general public. The main object of the Corporation is to supply broadcasting and information services and services that are ancillary thereto, to the general public in the Republic of South Africa and beyond its borders.


About SCISYS Media Solutions

SCISYS Media Solutions offers professional workflows for cross-media platforms with two market-leading software solutions: the radio production suite dira!, and the fully integrable newsroom system OpenMedia. With more than 75,000 users worldwide and over 20 years of experience in the broadcasting industry, SCISYS Media Solutions is a leading full-service provider.


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