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SCISYS have a robotics team that are expert at testing and developing robotics software platforms to undertake specific tasks using our OverSeer framework.  We have a fully grown robotics platform called Indie that allow applications to be prototyped and then transferred to the target platform.  These range from planetary exploration to live water main inspection and unmanned vehicles.  See more information on Indie.


For environments where remote human supervision is difficult, costly or simply not possible, robotic platforms must possess some degree of self-reliance or autonomy.  This is especially true in space applications like planetary exploration, but is also applicable to many terrestrial applications where taking a person out of the loop increased efficiency or reduces costs.  At SCISYS we have developed a range of autonomy applications to maximise the performance and safety of robotics platforms.  


Automating processes, reducing the amount of people in the loop, increasing the amount of work they can do and reducing the time needed to do it are valuable business goals achieved with the SCISYS APEX automation tool. Borne out of the space domain APEX is used to test and/or control multi-million pound space assets used for  Meteorology, communications and navigation. APEX also helps monitor TV broadcasting networks and is now bringing value in other industries such as the oil and gas sector.

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