STEM Activities

STEMNET is the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network and it creates opportunities to inspire young people in STEM subjects.  Since SCISYS employs many graduates in numerate disciplines it has a vested interest in encouraging school children to take up these STEM subjects. 

SCISYS needs a steady source of software engineers to support its future growth.  STEM subjects are critical to developing a deep knowledge of software development techniques and an understanding of hardware and network technologies that are essential to a digitally connected world.

SCISYS does this by having a number of STEM Ambassadors that are active in helping local schools and colleges by bringing STEM career opportunities to life.  Our ambassadors are great role-models that motivate and inspire young people by telling how they can build a career in the software industry by using examples of real industrial case studies.

STEMNet Ambassadors

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SCISYS has a number of members of staff that participate in STEM activities organised by STEMNet (  Our STEM Ambassadors represent a wide diversity of business and technical domains including:

  • Software engineering using a variety of programming languages
  • Real-time monitoring and control, with hardware integration
  • Robotics and autonomy
  • Spacecraft onboard software and satellite control
  • Business applications
  • Data analytics and simulation

Our staff are excellent role models for students aspiring to take up STEM subjects and can offer a wealth of advice on careers.  They can also provide a wealth of advice and guidance for teachers looking to support STEM subjects, especially with support for software development.

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