Gender Pay Gap Report

SCISYS Group PLC - Gender Pay Gap Report 04/2019

Welcome to the first SCISYS Gender Pay Gap Report.

As a business we recognise how important diversity and inclusion are within the workplace. People are our business and it is essential to ensure equality of pay and opportunity to all within an inclusive and supportive environment. We continue to make SCISYS a great place to work where everyone’s contribution is valued.

We recognise that there remains a shortage of women in the IT industry for historical reasons. This is mirrored in our predominantly male workforce although this is slowly changing as more women elect to move into the STEM subjects and then into the IT industry.   

Typically, as seniority in technical positions is achieved through experience, we recognise that we currently have mainly men in these roles and therefore have an imbalance.  We do have a significant number of women in general office administration i.e. lower paid non-IT roles.  

These two factors contribute to skewing the statistics and consequently we currently have a significant gender pay gap.    Nevertheless we are committed to diversity and will strive to do what we can in terms of attracting and retaining women into the industry whilst implementing measures to close our own gender pay gap.

As detailed later in the report you will see that we already have a series of initiatives underway.


SCISYS Group PLC Gender Pay Gap Report 04/2019 [PDF]