Data Services, System Management and Archiving

Data Services, System Management and Archiving

For many years, our company is one of the main industrial partners of DLR for the realisation of the Columbus Control Centre (Col-CC). The Columbus Control Centre is hosted at the German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Main Activites in the Columbus Control Centre

  • Data Services Subsystem
    The Data Services Subsystem (DaSS) performs TM/TC distribution and routing service between all entities within the MSM ground segment and external sites.   
  • Integrated Management Subsystem
    The Integrated Management Subsystem (IMS) is designed to monitor, control and configure the whole Columbus ground segment with distributed main sites.
  • MPEG-2 Video Distribution Service
    Provision of an integrated process monitoring solution for the globally distributed video system infra- structure. The video streams support onboard experiments.  
  • Decentralised Mission Control
    The Decentralised Mission Control Centre supports User Support Operations USOCs with essential functions for decentralised payload operations.

Implemented Subsystems

  •     Data Services Subsystem (Prime Contractor)
  •     High Rate Demultiplexer as pure software solution (Prime Contractor)
  •     Long Term Archive CCN (Prime Contractor)
  •     Integrated Management System (Prime Contractor)
  •     MCS-SA (Subcontractor to EADS ST)
  •     MVDS Element Manager (Prime Contractor)
  •     CD-MCS (ESA Project with EADS ST)
  •     Science Data Manager Study (ESA Project with EADS ST)
  •     Bitstream Reconstructor
  •     High Rate Data Processing Archive

The Col-CC

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