Phase A System Study for the Evolution of EGNOS

System Study for the Evolution of EGNOS

EGNOS provides today an augmentation service to GPS allowing European users to get significantly improved accuracy combined with integrity information. These are essential requirements for the professional use of satellite based navigation in mission-critical operations like civil aviation. With the deployment of Galileo, the planned introduction of new capabilities in GPS and the completion other of constellations (e.g. GLONASS), an ongoing evolution should be considered for the EGNOS system in order to provide new or enhanced services.

The EGNOS V3 Phase A Study aims at identifying sustainable requirements for the long-term development of the EGNOS system from technological point of view.

The contribution of our company as subcontractor to Astrium (Ottobrunn) includes Monitoring & Control and all network specific functions within the EGNOS ground segment. In particular

  • the analysis of operational aspects for monitoring & control and maintenance,
  • the analysis of mission data types and streams,
  • the harmonisation of M&C aspects for all segments,
  • feasibility studies for network architectures and the synthesis of high level M&C and network guidelines and architecture

forms the key part of our responsibilities.

Since these contributions affect central functions of the whole ground segment infrastructure, a close cooperation with the teams of all other segments within the study is essential.

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