SCISYS: a reliable partner in the Galileo Programme

SCISYS is a Reliable Partner in Galileo

The contribution to the future European satellite navigation system is a success story for our company and the segment-responsible companies in Great Britain and France. We are involved in Galileo since the early system design phases.

In the IOV Phase SCISYS received contracts for the realisation of the following elements:

Ground Asset Control Facility - GACF

Two GACFs (one in each GCC) each monitor and control nearly 250 GMS elements:

  • 150 Sensor Stations at 50 sites
  • 50 Uplink Stations at 10 sites
  • GMS Elements at 2 GCC sites

Each GACF archives:

  • All Galileo realtime network traffic
  • Galileo signals between GMS elements
  • All GCS data intended for archiving

Archives and Configuration Control are synchronised between GCCs.

Central Monitoring and Control Facility - CMCF

As well as the GACF, the CMCF will be responsible for the Monitoring and Control of the Ground Segment Infrastructure. Here CMCF is part of the Ground Control Segment (GCS), which will be responsible for the operation of the Galileo Satellites in orbit.

Galileo Network Management Facility - GNMF

  • Collection and aggregation of M&C data
  • Reception and processing of performance data
  • Presentation of Data, User Interface and Operator Interaction
  • Provisioning of summary data and derived data products to the GACF, MUCF, CMCF and CSP (via SPF)
  • Facilities for archiving, offline data analysis and reporting
  • Configuration control for network equipment in MDDN and SDDN

SCISYS and Galileo

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