Irish Environmental Protection Agency - System Architecture

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for controlling pollution and emissions via licensing of industry waste and wastewater. The Agency is also responsible for the ongoing monitoring of licensed facilities to ensure that licences are enforced and are compliant with their conditions.  Where licence conditions are not adhered to, the Agency is responsible for taking the appropriate actions against licensees, known as enforcement.

As part of the EPA’s Vision 2020 the decision was made to develop a unified Licensing Enforcement and Monitoring Application (LEMA) to facilitate information sharing across all four of the Environment Protection Agency’s thematic offices (Licensing and Resource Use, Assessment, Enforcement and Corporate Services) and ten geographical locations.

SCISYS was engaged by the EPA to deliver an Architectural Design Statement (ADS) that would:

  • Provide the overarching design principles for the phased development of the LEMA solution
  • Make specific technology recommendations for implementing the solution
  • Define the SOA / n-tier architecture for the solution
  • Define the integration points / methods with existing corporate solutions such as GIS and on-line reporting systems
  • Provide an overview of key security issues
  • Outline a governance approach for LEMA

Consultants from SCISYS worked alongside EPA staff to quickly assimilate the EPA’s requirements. This was aided by SCISYS’ existing understanding of environmental regulatory systems. The consultants engaged with all aspects of the EPA’s business, both technical and non-technical, and were able to guide the EPA through the process of defining the architectural solution. This work was facilitated through a number of workshops, one-to-one discussions and feedback sessions in conjunction with input from a range of SCISYS experts including System Architect, Business Analyst, Domain Expert and GIS Consultant.

Vivienne Kelly, the EPA Project Manager, commented “through their existing knowledge of implementing SOA / n-tier solutions in the environment domain SCISYS were able to quickly get to grips with the EPA’s requirements and work with us to define and document an architecture that will underpin the development of the LEMA application”.

The resulting ADS has been adopted by the EPA and now forms the basis for the first phases of the LEMA development.

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