UK Met Office Space Weather Service Consultancy

Space Weather is growing in importance as our dependence on electronic systems for communication, infrastructure, transport and commerce grows. Such electronic systems can be vulnerable to disruption and damage caused by Space Weather events. Furthermore, the susceptibility of systems to disruption is thought to be increasing due to both the highly interconnected nature of modern systems and to the continuing reduction in the size of electronic devices.

Services Supplied
The Met Office and SCISYS worked in partnership to undertake a Discovery Project to investigate and research the potential for new space weather service products. This involved creating value propositions and evaluating them using advanced open questioning techniques and information already available to determine user needs for various customer segments that are susceptible to space weather events e.g. electricity distribution.

SCISYS then developed Product Roadmaps working with Met Office technical architects to assess the implementation options against cost and time constraints. The work was presented as a Stage Gate 2 Business Case which was approved in June 2012.

The service provided the Met Office with a framework for assessing the likely user base and their needs for a proposed Space Weather service across various market sectors. This structured approached allowed the Met Office to quickly get to grips with the potential user base, the variation in services required and understand what the technical options were for delivering the solution, all based on user focused interactions. The result is a clear roadmap for the development of a viable Space Weather services.

Customer Comment: Mark Gibbs Met Office's space weather lead said: “SCISYS brought a pragmatic responsive approach to development of the Space Weather propositions which delivered a sound user focussed business case and outline technical solution.”


The threat of disruption to electrical and electronic systems from solar activity is increasing. Image: NASA/SDO

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