Natural Resources Wales Spatial Data Consultancy

The Environment Agency depends upon vast quantities of data and information to carry out its statutory duties and responsibilities, a significant proportion of which is spatial.  In developing its information assets, the Environment Agency must adhere to European legislation that governs access to and re-use of public sector information, including the future impacts of the INSPIRE Directive. 

Solutions and Services Delivered
Natural Resources Wales commissioned SCISYS to undertake strategic and technical consultancy to provide advice and support for the successful operation of existing GIS implementations as well as the development of new implementations. The services supplied by SCISYS included:

  • Recommendations and working examples of the most suitable spatial data comparison tool to fit with their existing implementation. 
  • Improvements to existing data management processes and workflow , for example the development and implementation of a methodology to update regional and area datasets when updates are applied at the national or regional level.  
  • An INSPIRE compliant GEMINI 2.1 metadata export facility
  • Review of existing data management and technical implementation  for fly-tipping photograph geotagging.

The benefits to Natural Resources Wales include:

  • A data comparison tool that can be used to detect change within the flood zones. The tool compares newly generated data to previous polygons to assist in the preparation of data for delivery into external data products.
  • Improved data management procedures and processes which are aligned to and integrated with their data management lifecycle workflow.
  • Gemini 2.1 INSPIRE compliant metadata integrated into the data management lifecycle.
  • A set of recommendations and an associated roadmap to enable Natural Resources Walesto streamline and develop its fly-tipping photograph geotagging process.
SCISYS helped Natural Resources Wales manage many data sets, including mapping and spatial data