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Metadata, AI and automated workflows: Vendors' news tech plans


SCISYS win €18m contract to provide tech to pioneering satellite comms project


ANNOVA: Das bringt der Deal mit SCISYS
(ANNOVA: the point of the deal with SCISYS)

The influential German publisher of Film TV Video secured an interview with the CEO of ANNOVA Systems to discuss the acquisition by SCISYS, its OpenMedia software solutions, Brexit and the likely future of working closely alongside SCISYS' media & broadcast division and synergies with the dira! suite for radio. The three-page interview also looks at the early history of the ANNOVA company.

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SCISYS wins £3m Mars project

News of a new contract going to our space division drew a lot of interest. Because this latest win involves ExoMars, some media outlets focused on "the search for signs of life" on the Red planet. This sobering article outlined on the fact that SCISYS will be working on parts the design, coding and verification of Mission Management Software Instruments Layer for the European ExoMars rover by Thales Alenia Space Italia.

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Hardenhuish School pupils have an out of this world experience

In news local to SCISYS' headquarters, Chippenham in the UK, the Gazette & Herald newspaper tells the story of how a company STEM Ambassador took one of our early Mars rover prototypes to a classroom at nearby Hardenhuish School. The class were thrilled to learn about space science and satellite technology first hand from Cristina, a technical lead who works at our UK space division in Bristol. 

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BCE Merge Radio with TV for Radio France

New acquisition ANNOVA Systems gains a mention in the story on The Broadcast Bridge, which examines how Radio France recently competed a successful integration of its radio news production with its public television news channel franceinfo. The upgrade demonstrates the on-going trend of cross-media convergence, and the item outlines how the OpenMedia news management system by ANNOVA was maintained as part of the new workflows adopted by Radio France.

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SCISYS Joins Telos Alliance as Livewire Partner

The 85-member strong Telos Alliance this month added SCISYS to its prestigious list of Livewire partners. An integral part of this decision was the emergence in the radio and broadcasting sector of Audio over IP (AoIP) technologies. “Our systems are fit for the new challenges arising with broadcasters, and partnering with Livewire will show our customers an innovative way of using standard network connections for future-proof radio production and playout,” said Michael Thielen, business manager, media broadcasting solutions, at SCISYS. .

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End of an era: UK’s role in European Rosetta mission now complete
UK Space Agency

The historic Rosetta mission, aimed at reaching Comet 67P, came to a close on 30 September after having travelled 7,971,290,298 km. Its inspirational ESA mission came to an end with a planned collision onto the surface of the icy comet from an altitude of 19 km. SCISYS was proud to be among those companies and organisations involved in the mission. It was responsible for the spacecraft Mission Control System development and maintenance.       

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Brexit, 10 weeks on: Benefits, but also concerns
BBC Wiltshire - radio and social media

Ten weeks after the referendum vote on the EU, aka Brexit, the BBC this week is airing a series of programmes across all media investigating the impact of the historic decision. Regionally, BBC Wiltshire chose to interview local companies on their Brexit experiences and SCISYS was fortunate to be among them. Although recorded as a radio interview, a short video also appeared online.   

MOD draws on SciSys’ innovation to develop leading-edge support system for Navy warships
Swindon Business News

In an article based on a recent SCISYS announcement, Swindon Business News recounts the news that the company recently won a contract from the MOD to develop a leading-edge decision-support system for Naval vessels in an initial one-year phase. This was awarded through the MOD's Framework Agreement for Technical Support design and Engineering.   

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Deutsche sind fast startklar für den Flug zum Mond
(Germans are almost ready a the flight to the moon)

In another mention of the Google Lunar XPrize project, the German website ingenieur.de covers the planned private mission to the Moon. The story brings out the details of the mission and makes mention of companies and institutions involved, including SCISYS. 

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Die Schiffsführung der Zukunft
(The master and officers of the future)
Gadebusch-Rehnaer Zeitung/svz.de

A SCISYS team in Germany is taking part in a joint project with RWTH Aachen University, the University of Bremen and the University of Rostock to assist the Maritime faculty of Engineering at the Hochschule Wismar to research the field of simulation-based and assisted navigation for the control of ships. The project has been nicknamed "GALILEOnautic" since is linked to the GALILEO system. 

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JULY 2016
Mond bekommt Besuch aus Berlin
(The Moon gets a visit from Berlin
Die Welt

SCISYS features in an article by Die Welt about its involvement in a bold plan to land the first European vehicle on the moon in 2018. The privately funded ALINA mission, led by the PTScientists, is in the frame of the Google Lunar XPrize competition. SCISYS is proud to be working alongside Audi, OHB and DLR and is providing its PLENITER modular software suite for monitoring and control of the space segment, which will feature a lander and two rovers.       

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JULY 2016
School raises £6,500 for Julia's House
Gazette & Herald

In a small story local to our Chippenham HQ, money was raised by several groups for the charity Julia's House towards work on a new children's hospice in Wiltshire. SCISYS has made a contribution to the efforts by the All-Sorts Community Choir to raise funds for the campaign.  

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JULY 2016
Visual Radio und Sound Beacons – Lokalrundfunktage
(Visual Radio and Sound beacons
Medien Netzwerk Bayern

Members of SCISYS' Media & Broadcast team attended the annual Lokalrundfunktage (Local Radio Days) in Nuremburg, Germany, with other media professionals to explore the future of radio. In various sessions, attendees discussed the topic of what makes good radio and how digital technologies can be used to develop the format further.  

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JULY 2016
Mars-inspired robots to search for oil on Earth
E&T - Engineering and Technology Magazine

E&T magazine ran a story on the autonomous systems designed for the European ExoMars project to navigate a rover on Mars and how that technology is being transferred to the search for oil on Earth. Both challenges operate in GPS-denied environments. SCISYS is working with Schlumberger Gould Research -- both members of the Autonomous and Intelligent System Partnership co-funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council -- in the search for oil by bringing its expertise in autonomous navigation. Mars-inspired robots will combine all relevant visual data into a 3D model with an overlay of information from other sensors.   

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JUNE 2016
Funding awarded to investigate testing of
complex cyber-physical systems

Bristol University

Bristol University has released a news item outlining a project to develop new engineering methods for better verification of software that controls cyber-physical systems (CPS). This involves robotic and autonomous technologies found in such things as robotic vacuum cleaners to autonomous cars and planetary rovers. SCISYS is working with project leader T&VS on the end-user aspects alongside Thales and Dyson.  

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JUNE 2016
A green light for the LISA Pathfinder mission
Room, The Space Journal

The space journal, Room, reported the news that the European Space Agency (ESA) gave the official green light for the recent LISA Pathfinder mission, which aims to learn about the universe by detecting gravitational waves in space. SCISYS, one of 40 companies and institutions on the programme, has developed the spacecraft's on-board software.  

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JUNE 2016
Robots Un-caged
DE, Technology for Optimal Design Engineering

A member of SCISYS' Autonomy and Robotics department makes an appearance in this Design Engineering article about the promising future for robotics. It points to several trends, including a skills shortage and "an influx of investment", particularly in small and mid-sized business in the private sector. As a result, robots are appearing in the manufacturing workplace as never before.   

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Spazio: Rosetta, addio Philae? Pareri discordanti ma
non tutto è perduto
(Space: Rosetta, Philae goodbye? Differences of
opinion, but all is not lost)

This Italian feature does a nice job of giving an overview and round-up of the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission and the Philae lander, complete with animations and embedded videos. More importantly, it also features a complete list of the companies involved in the mission, including SCISYS.   

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Mit Bochumer Know-how ins Weltall
(With Bochum expertise into space)

A regional story local to our Bochum office, the German HQ of SCISYS, reveals that the town is home to a remarkable space business. They profile the company's early origins as VCS Nachrichtenteknik GmbH and its rise to the current operations in what is a former school building. One quote about SCISYS includes: "We build everything except rockets and satellites. We build control centres for satellites, we develop software that is flying around somewhere in space, and we are developing meteorological application systems."

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An interview with Klaus Heidrich
Master Investor

Master Investor magazine produced a special edition in late 2015 on the potential rewards of investing in the booming space sector. In it, they put SCISYS CEO Klaus Heidrich "in the hot seat" as they press him about the company and his view on the potential for investment in the industry. Heidrich is quoted as saying, "The space market in Europe has gone through remarkable changes over the last decade".   

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