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We understand the need to work on the move.  For a lot of our customers the challenge is staying in touch with the latest information, whilst not being in an office environment.  SCISYS experience ranges from more traditional inspection solutions where data is being gathered to meet regulatory requirements, through to the latest crowd-sourcing and mobile GI solutions. 

SCISYS Inspection solutions are developed from a set of core modules, based on our Regulys framework.  Our tried and tested framework is flexible, adaptable and can be tailored to your specific needs, meaning that you can get quicker, cheaper and more effective solutions.  This means that our Inspection Modules will match the way that you work, rather than you having to adapt your processes to fit your IT.  The modules can be adapted to fit on any mobile device, from laptops through to the latest mobile technologies. 

SCISYS are also expert at integrating the collection of data from a wide range of inspection sensor equipment.  Bringing these data together and relating them to location, whether on the surface or within a pipeline or structure empowers maintenance decision making. 

For more information on our solutions, take a look at the Network Intelligence Portal page, the FARMS Case Study and our Digiright cloud based digitisation service.

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